In the Native American community, it is a tradition for all weavers to leave a flaw in the hand woven blankets, and many of their silversmiths and jewelry artists leave a distinct “flaw” in hand crafted jewelry to allow the spirit from the artist to escape and allow the new owner’s spirit to enter the piece, thus making this piece their own. I too, attempt to follow this tradition, the flaw may be obvious or more difficult to see. All of my designs and majority of techniques follow traditional Native American customs.

The turquoise used in all of my designs come from a variety of mines, but most were mined in Southwestern mines. Many of these mines are closed and this has increased the value of turquoise tremendously. I purchase all turquoise either directly from the miners or from reputable lapidary artists. Each stone has a history within itself and I will attempt to share that history with each piece.

Each time I create a piece of jewelry, (you may read where I refer to this as simply “piece”), I create the entire piece around the stone itself, allowing the stone to drive the design. I rarely use stabilized turquoise, but if for some reason I do, I will describe it within the piece description. The majority (probably 99%) of turquoise I utilize is natural. But this also means there may be small pits, or variances within the stone. The cost of turquoise varies from piece to piece, depending upon quality, grade, rarity, matrix, color and size. Turquoise is sold by the carat (ct), ranging from $1 up to $300 per carat.

Please take the time to browse my current inventory. Private message me or email with inquiries. The inventory may change often, as pieces are completed and or sold.

Thank you,

Patrice Elmore

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